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  • Zhengzhou Deao Science & Technology Co.,ltd

    Presales service

    1.Introducing the detail features and applications of the productions to customers;

    2.Selecting economical and practical machine for customers

    3.Providing operation data of the related machine;

    4.Providing means of performance for customers;

  • Zhengzhou Deao Science & Technology Co.,ltd

    Sales service

    1.Introducing engineering conditions required for installation of the machine;

    2.Communicating timely the manufacturing progress of the machine with user;

    3.Providing design scheme for productions.

  • Zhengzhou Deao Science & Technology Co.,ltd

    After-sales service

    1.Engineer service to the customer and training the workers for client;

    2.Giving technical support to customer for developing new productions;

    3.We have 24-hour team to solve the after-sale problem;

    4.Providing free maintenance for a year.