Plate and sheet

November 19, 2019

Application XPS fomaing plate

Application XPS fomaing plate

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PET plate application

Plate mainly are a flat rectangular building material plate of standard size, which is used in the construction industry as a component of walls, ceilings or floors. It also refers to forged, rolled or cast metal plates.

Sheet material refers to resin (or direct polymerization of monomers in the process of production) as the main component, plastic agent, fillers, lubricants, colorants and other additives as auxiliary components, in the process of production ,it can flow molding materials.

Plate screen changer can increase the plasticity and homogeneity of melt, and it is also a necessary guarantee for the quality of plate and sheet material. Although there are almost no impurities in new material, the impurities in the environment, transportation and work also exist in the actual production line, so it is necessary of quality quarantee to install screen changer. In order to improve production capacity, reduce cost, increase efficiency, it is necessary for the use of recycled materials and edge materials to use non-stop screen changer.