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Matters need attention

October 24, 2019

1. At any time, it is not allowed to install and disassemble the filter net and adjust the structure when the oil pump motor rotates.

2. When the equipment is left unused for many days and re-start, it is necessary to first check whether the operation of the change-in device is sensitive and reliable.

3. It is strictly forbidden to push and pull the filter screen quickly under the condition of high temperature and no lubrication to prevent each fit surface from being pulled.

4. In normal production, there should be a small amount of molten material overflow on both sides of the skateboard. In order to facilitate lubrication, if there is no overflow or new installation, the skateboard should be lubricated with silicone oil when changing the net.

5. If there is a failure, should stop in time, please experienced maintenance personnel to check and repair, strictly forbid to work with fault.

6 .Do not disassemble the screen changer and the melt gear pump, any questions, please contact us.

7. Electricity protection, fire prevention, scald prevention.