2022 new year start work

February 07, 2022

2022 new year start work


On February 7, 2022, Zhengzhou Deao Technology Co., Ltd. officially started work


With more than one years improvement and modification,our new factory have oeprate fluently and produce high efficiently,delivery time shorter till 20days for double screen changer and melt pump,10-15day for plate screen changer;working ability higher,can meet the requirement of 150 sets per month.With advanced equipment and high-end talents introduction, appearance more fancy,quality better,produce more integrated,control system,heating wire,junction box all can incooperate into screen changer ,also can be customized and OEM.


Wish can provide you with a more suitable and comfortable cooperation experience,we are here wait for you for writing a  new chapter in the new year.Zhengzhou Deao Science & Technology Co.,ltd