Melt pump/ metering pump

The main function of melt metering gear pump is to eliminate the material flow and pressure fluctuation, enhance the uniformity of the product, it also bears material transportation pressure to improve system production capacity.

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The melt pump belongs to volume gear pump, adopting the relative motion of external column gear to attain the accurate fluid flow(cc/r), Deao melt pump adopts premium, high quality alloy material, manufactured through accurate processing, special harden treatment and accurate assembly. They have high strength, high hardness, high rigidity and are wearing resistant, high pressure resistant, have a long service life. Strictly controlled assembly accuracy ensures the accurate and stable flow output and won’t be affected by the fluctuation of processing conditions. It is especially suitable for the metering and transport of high viscosity fluid.

1.Can be used for pressurize and metering transport of high temperature, high pressure polymer, can eliminate pressure and flow fluctuation in the material, thus enhance the uniformity of products, saving material.

2. Suitable for very high temperature(350℃), high pressure(35Mpa), high viscosity(500,000cp) fluid.

3.Can reduce the abrasion between the barrel and screw, minimize the load of gear box to extend the life of the extruder.


1.Mainly used for the extrusion production of polymer, such as granulation, blowing film, pipe production, sheet and board production industries.

2.It can transport high viscosity fluid: PC, PMMA, ABS, HIPS, PET, PVB, PS, PP, PP, PE, PA, PVA and etc. It can be used for rubber, asphalt, painting, adhesion agent, lubricant, poly-basic alcohol and other doesn’t contain particle impurity high viscosity material.

3.It can also be used for polyester, nylon, polypropylene and other chemical fiber pressurized transportation and pressurized spinneret.

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Technical data


Name Technical Data:
Pump body: high temperature tool steel, chromium nickel alloy steel
Gear: high temperature nitriding steel,tool steel,the tooth profile is straight tooth, helical herringbone tooth
Plain bearing: high temperature tool steel
shaft seal: spiral seal,packing seal,the spiral+packing seal,seal other combinations.
Heating system: eletric heating rod heat
Specification/flow range: 25000CC-0.5CC 
Operation Data  
Name Operation Data:
Viscosity 4000Pa.S
Working temperature: ≤400℃(750°F)
Cleaning temperature 450℃(850°F
Outlet pressure  40 mpa

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